Logitech G703 / G603 / G403 Prodigy / Wireless

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Corepad Skatez are precision-made replacement mouse feet for gamers, high-end and advanced users. The skates exactly replace the original feet of your mouse and can be easily glued to reduce the frictional resistance and improve the sliding properties as replacement-feet under the mouse. 

Includes two sets of Corepad Skatez for two applications. Thickness 0.75 mm. 

Corepad Skatez consists of 100% pure quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene - Colloquially this plastic is often referred to by the trade name Teflon® DuPont™) and therefore offers excellent lubrication at high load capacity. The stiction coefficient is below 0,06μ and thus far below the sliding friction. Corepad makes no compromises when material is selected and you always get the best quality with Corepad Skatez.

Smooth Surface
The extremely smooth surface of Corepad Skatez reduces the uncomfortable "stick-slip" or in some cases almost eliminates it. The friction reduction provides improved accuracy when playing or working with your mouse - so you can believe that the mouse flies without any resistance over the mousepad. This unbeaten effect from the PTFE offers you increased ergonomics and fatigue-proofed performance at work and play. Finally you gain the decisive advantage over your opponents in-game. Even if you just use your mouse all day at work or at home, you can act more efficiently with your mouse and protect your wrist by using Corepad Skatez.

Rounded Edges 
This model is made in a special manufacturing process with rounded edges to avoid mousepad grinding, scratching and hooking and further optimizes the sliding properties of your mouse. In combination with the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process of Corepad, you can be sure that with Corepad Skatez you will always get high-quality replacement mouse feet.

Mousepad Protection
Do not underestimate the positive side effect of protecting your mousepad with less wear and increased life - in other words the use of Corepad Skatez pays twice!

Corepad Skatez are naturally self-adhesive using only high-quality 3M self adhensive foil for the ideal stick of Corepad Skatez.

It is important not to increase the distance between the sensor and the surface, therefore, the old mouse feet and adhesive residues must always be completely removed. Please keep the mouse and the mouse pad always clean for perfect gliding. 

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