K5 Compact Transparent White

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Shaped by the community’s input. Trusted by top players. Xtrfy’s 5th-generation keyboard brings you the performance you need. The K5 comes in two different editions as standard. And to give you all possibilities of customizing your keyboard, everything from the switches and keycaps to the cable, frame and even the little plate for the logo is swappable. 

65% Size
This keyboard comes in a 65% format – bringing you an extremely compact design without sacrificing the convenience of arrow keys.

Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switches 
Out of the box, the K5 comes equipped with Kailh Red mechanical key switches, trusted by pro gamers for their light touch, fast actuation, and durability of 70 million keystrokes. If you’d ever like to change them, they’re hot-swappable so you can easily replace them with any compatible MX-style switches – no soldering required.

How To Get Faster: Super-Scan Technology 
Your keyboard is never faster than its ability to detect your keystrokes – no matter how many times per second it reports to the computer (Polling rate). The K5 features a new super-scan technology, scanning all keys every half a millisecond. A few years ago, Xtrfy introduced the fastest gaming keyboard. The K5 is even faster.

Unbelievable RGB 
“The best RGB experience we’ve had” said one of the UK’s largest tech review sites about the previous generation of Xtrfy keyboards. On the K5, Xtrfy developed the RGB implementation even further to bring you a more impactful illumination than ever. Connecting the keyboard to a USB 3 port? Switch to USB 3 mode to boost the RGB!

Xtrfy's Smallest But Most Advanced Keyboard Yet
Small doesn’t mean less. This keyboard is extremely compact yet fully featured, with per-key customizable RGB illumination, macros, media controls and more. All settings are made using the keys. No software needed.

Build Quality On A New Level
Feel. Sound. Durability. It all comes down to build quality. The K5 is built with a metal plate construction, double layers of sound-dampening foam and high-quality PCB-mounted stabilizers – pre-lubed by hand.

Design Your Own 
Grab one of the pre-built editions or click CUSTOMIZE and create your own using Xtrfy’s custom keyboard builder. Pick a base and add your preferred switches, keycaps, cord, frame and logo plate. You have more than 150 options. (Available on Xtrfy.com)

PC Wired via USB

Name Hot-swappable Kailh Red
Type Mechanical

Keyboard Characteristics
Keys 68 (US 67)
Key Switches Thick ABS
PCB Socket 5-pin (3-pin compatible)
PCB Socket PCB-mounted, pre-lubed
Anti-Ghosting 100%
N-Key Rollover Full
Illumination Per-key customizable RGB strip LED
Cable Length 2m
Language Layout English (US)
Weight 841g
Height 37mm
Width 325mm
Depth 110mm
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