K4 RGB Tenkeyless White Edition

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The K4 RGB features well-proven components in a highly durable construction. Equipped with red mechanical key switches and adjustable RGB illumination with a six-zone color customization. Experience unlimited accuracy with the 1000 Hz polling rate and full N key rollover that creates fast and accurate registration of every keypress.

Mechanical Switches

Approved by elite gamers, Xtrfy’s pro-grade keyboards come equipped with red mechanical key switches. Lighter touch, faster actuation and a lifetime of 70 million keystrokes.


Unlimited Accuracy

1000 Hz polling rate makes for instant registration of every keypress, while full N-key rollover means zero missed keystrokes – no matter how many you press at once.


RBG LED Illumination

Six-zone color customization. Numerous backlight and typing effects. The K4 features an impactful RGB lighting, using elevated DIP LEDs for crisp illumination of every key.


No Software No hassle

Switch settings and LED modes on the fly and say goodbye to cumbersome software. All adjustments are made directly on the keyboard.

PC Wired via USB

Name Kailh Red
Type Mechanical

Keyboard Characteristics
Tenkeyless No
Anti-Ghosting Unlimited
Durability 70 million keystrokes
Illumination Yes
Cable Length 2m
Language Layout English (US)
Weight 1250g
Height 39mm
Width 443mm
Depth 140mm
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