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The low profile design provides better control for both claw and palm-grip users. FK-B Series is equipped with the 3360 sensor and comes in three different sizes. FK1-B being the large size.

Different Sizes & Shapes for Personal Fit & Grip
BenQ ZOWIE provides the Esports Gaming Mouse in 4 different shapes and 10 different sizes. We understand how important it is to feel comfortable when playing your favorite games.

Low Profile Design
The low profile design provides better control for both claw and palm-grip users.

Removed Right Side Buttons
The side buttons on the right side have been removed to prevent interference with a right-handed user’s grip.

Right-Handed Symmetrical Design
Two side buttons on the left sides, suitable for all types of grip. It’s all based on your preference and grip style.

Raised Cable Connector
Lower the chance of the cable dragging on the mousepads, which creates unwanted force that distracts your gameplay.

Perfect Lift Off Distance
It prevents the mouse from moving while lifting off in the air, and minimizes the impact of your crosshair when landing during a big swipes.

Aim Wherever You Wanted
FK-B Series comes with new ZOWIE tuned 3360 sensor. It provides very accurate tracking and precise aiming.

Adjustable Setting to Your Preference
Adjustable DPI and Report Rate to fit your own playstyle or preference. The adjustable switch is recessed under the mouse, which prevents accidental clicks when playing.

Driverless Design
All ZOWIE products provide driverless designs, so you can just plug and play wherever and whenever you want.

16 Notch Optical Mouse Wheel
It prevents accidental scrolling and provides a more tactile feel when you’re scrolling, like switching weapons or bunny hopping in a game.

Soft and Light Weighted Cable
Soft and light weighted rubber cable. It reduces unwanted force created by your cable while you swipe. Store and unfold your cable without worrying of snapping them.

PC Wired via USB

Name 3360
Type Optical
Counts Per Inch (CPI) 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Polling Rate 125/500/1000 hz

Shape Symmetrical Right Handed
Number of Buttons 5

Connector Type USB 2.0 / 3.0 Plug & Play
Cable Length 2m
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