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The EC3 keeps a similar shape design as the larger sizes in the series, preserving the distinctive feel while creating more flexibility in vertical movements. Asymmetrical ergonomic design with shorter overall length and reduced weight. Features 24-step scroll, paracord cable, driverless plug and play and 3360 sensor. The EC3-C is the smallest of the EC-C Series. 

For Palm Grippers

Shortest in length of the EC series, the EC3 features an extended curved back that retains palm support and allows you to wrap your hand around the mouse comfortably.

For Claw Grippers

The shortened back of the EC3 creates more space at the base of the palm, which can benefit vertical movement. 

  • Considerable spacing on the right side to place your 4th and 5th fingers to adjust your grip.
  • The curve on the right side allows claw grippers to hold and lift the mouse with ease.

EC-C Series

  • Reduced weight for additional movement flexibility and stability
  • Soft resilient cable produces less bounce and drag during aggressive movements
  • Raised and tilted attachment point with cable constraint to reduce the chance of the cable rubbing against the mousepad.
  • 24-step scroll wheel with clear indents for each step.
  • Accessory sold separately: Speedy mouse feet replacement for a different glide feeling.
PC Wired via USB

Name 3360
Type Optical
Counts Per Inch (CPI) 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Polling Rate 125/500/1000 hz

Shape Asymmetrical Ergonomic
Number of Buttons 5

Connector Type USB 2.0 / 3.0 Plug & Play
Cable Length 2m

Weight 90g
Length 119mm
Width 61mm
Height 41mm
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