Dye Sublimation Thick PBT Keyset Chalk

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139 PBT Keycap set with 108 base keys and 39 key modifiers that allows you full compatibility with 60%, 65%, 75% and 100% form factor keyboards. The keycaps give you the opportunity to customize your keyboard and give it a new and fresh look. Compatible with Cherry MX, Kailh Box, Gateron and Outemu mechanical gaming switches. This keyset includes a wire keycap puller.



Compatible Models
This keyset has 108 Keys and 39 key modifiers, allowing you full compatibility with 60%, 65%, 75% and 100% form factor keyboards. Compatibility with Cherry MX, Kailh Box, Gateron, Outemu mechanical gaming switches.

If you are unsure about the compatibility with your keyboard, contact us here and we will do our best to help you out!

The keycaps are DYE SUB Legend PBT keycaps, with a thickness of 1.4MM and Cherry profile height.

Keyboard Layout
Standard ANSI (US International) and ISO (European) layout.

Keycaps Size Base Kit (108 Keys)
Tab: [1.5u] 
Backspace: [2u]
CapsLock: [1.75u] 
|\ : [1.5u] 
Enter: [2.25u] 
Shift: [2.25u] 
Right Shift: [2.75u] 
Control: [1.25u] 
Win Key: [1.25u]
Alt: [1.25u] 
Spacebar: [6.25u] 
Alt: [1.25u] 
Win Key: [1.25u] 
Option Key: [1.25u] 
Control: [1.25u] 

Keycaps Size Extra Keys (31 keys)


Red ESC [1u]
' [1u] 
2" ; 3£ [1u] 

CapsLock style 2 [1.75u] 
Capslock style 3 [1.75u]
Red Enter [2.25u]
ISO Yellow Enter 
ISO Red Enter 
Numpad Red Enter

AltGr [1.25u]
AltGr [1.5u]
Alt [1.5u]
Shift [1.25u]
Shift [1.75u]
Fn1 [1u] 
Fn2 [1u] 
Fn1 [1.25u]
Fn2 [1.25u]
2* Win key [1u] 
2* Control [1.5u]
2* Option [1.25u]
2* Cmd [1.25u]
|\ [1u]
SpaceBar [7u]  

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