Bundle B4 Blue + M42 Blue

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Bundle it up and save 5%! This bundle consists of the popular M42 mouse with a matching B4 mouse bungee. The M42 features an ultra-light construction with State-of-the-art components and a symmetrical shape, it also comes with interchangeable parts that let you adjust its size. The B4 is made to be both steadier and more flexible – all to help gamers improve their play.

Items in the bundle:


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Adjustable Symmetrical Shape
Palm, claw or fingertip grip? With its ambidextrous shape and interchangeable parts, the M42 is designed for a comfortable fit – no matter the size of your hand or the style of your grip.

State-of-the-Art Components 
Pixart’s highest-performing gaming sensor, 3389. Pro player-optimized Omron switches, rated for 20 000 000 clicks. The M42 is equipped with nothing but top-grade components.

Effortless Swipes
The M42 features 100 % PTFE skates with rounded edges for smoother glide, while its matte UV coating in combination with the hole structure make for a steadier grip. Enhancing airflow under your palm, the holes also help you stay comfortable.

Flexible Arm
Using a flexible silicone arm instead of the conventional metal spring design, the B4 is designed to follow every swipe without resistance and give you an unmatched wireless feel.

Steady Base
While the arm of the bungee needs to be flexible, the base has to be immovable. Anyone who has had a mouse bungee move or fall over in an intense moment of the game knows the importance of having a low centre of gravity. The B4 is engineered to stay put.

Compact Design
Designed to hit the sweet spot between a small footprint and a stable construction, the B4 is minimalistic on your desk and compact in your bag. Or your pocket.

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